Andrew and his staff coped very well with the challenges generated by the bad weather that preceded our visit. Clearly the area had been flooded but it barely rained at all during our stay.

The food was outstanding. I have no idea how Philemon, the chef, created such good food from his pit oven. The whole set up was an “Out of Africa” experience. My group have all been campers and hikers and we adapted readily to camp routine. I personally loved dining outside all Deeted up for breakfast and dinner.

Andrew miraculously never got stuck despite the conditions and water flowing over the bonnet. I have a Landrover and off roading experience, and i would not have driven my vehicle through some of the water Andrew took on.

Some of the drives were a little quiet on the wild life side but this gave us more time to enjoy the unique scenery including the devastation caused to the trees by the elephants. We also had superb drives including close observation of elephants, baboons, wild dogs and lions. We followed the dogs for a long time, which was great. I served our sun downer on the move and am pleased to say that I did not spill a drop!

Having lions roaring around the camp and resting within about 150 yards of the camp on the last night was an unforgettable experience. This was my first mobile safari and i am very glad we did it.

Minor issues arose in relation to the lack of duvet and pillow slips on the bed. My bed was not terribly comfortable but i have camped on much worse. The lights in the tent consistently failed, but i had two torches with me and generally use very little light when camping to avoid attracting insects anyway. I suspect that we suffered teething problems with the camp set up as this was the first camp of Andrew’s season.

I wish him and his gang every success going forward. He is very well informed and enthusiastic about the environment and the natural world.

Ms I from North Berwick