Andrew welcomed us off the light plane flight with an afternoon safari back to camp. We were very lucky to see a male and female lion and then two male lions on our way. The Kwhai area was a lovely change of scenery to the dry Chobe vegetation.

The camp is amazing. Patrick puts out delicious food and the team is very friendly. Enjoyed celebrating Botswana day.

This was the family’s favourite experience after trying self drive and lodges. Recommend rangers for safari’s every time with as small as numbers as possible to increase chance of more time at sightings and moving on when you want.

Andrew is a great guide- spotting all the animals we wanted to see- this was week 2 of safari for us so we were happy to see more of the same and take our time at each sighting and Andrew found it- Hippos restless, Lion cubs, Leopard, Wild Dogs.
A slight confusion about our travel home was very well handled and it turned out to be the best game drive yet.

Recommend- check one of the mattresses- one was very firm- and have snacks for the afternoon safari drive on arrival- we had left our lodge at 1045, had breakfast at 9 and didn’t eat until 6pm- fine for the adults- tough on master 10 and 12.

Mrs R from Lower Hutt