Sublime Okavango

We knew our trip to the delta would be a beautiful and educational travel experience but we couldn’t imagine just how beautiful it actually was until we started to experience it.

We are seasoned campers. We thought we had lived well on previous trips to the bush (in Canada) but we have never had such luxury in such remote wilderness as we did on our mobile camping trip. In fact, we hadn’t imagined so much luxury could be created while staying in a tent. All of our needs were met, the meals were extraordinary, the vehicle and all camping equipment (linens, tent, etc) were in immaculate condition. We felt safe and we felt pampered and it was clear that Andrew and his staff wanted us to have a special experience.

Andrew is an interesting and knowledgeable guide who was open to our requests for stops along the way. He was clearly safety conscious and respectful of the animals and the park rules. He gave great attention to detail. His staff were wonderful .

I loved our isolation at the two campsites we stayed at because of the bird activity in the morning and the animal activity so close to us at night. And I would recommend the mobile camping safari to anyone. I would also recommend Andrew Harkness safari to anyone. I would go again next year if I could. Maybe one day.

Truly a sublime experience.

Mrs G & Mr M from Canada