We chose a mobile safari based on prior experience in the Serengeti – the thrill of nighttime predator roars and calls in close proximity to our camp. Andrew Harkness provided us with a great experience in difficult viewing conditions (tall grass, low mopane, and local flood conditions).

We spent just three nights with Andrew, so we camped in one area only. Contrary to our expectations, we never actually entered the Moremi Game Reserve. Our guide indicated that entry into Moremi occurs only on six-day or longer trips. Had we known this during the planning stage, we might have chosen another camp instead. However, that was before we met Andrew.

The advantages of staying in the Khwai Conservancy, as we did, is that bush walking, off-roading, and night driving are allowed. Consequently, we were able to observe and follow a pack of wild dogs as they roused themselves from a siesta and began an evening hunt and to go on an informative mid-morning hike.

See comments by Ms I. from North Berwick for additional details on our shared vacation.

Mr M from Bow