I took a long time to be persuaded to go to Botswana, not because I didn’t expect the wild life to be excellent (it was) or the environment to be pristine ( it was), but because I wasn’t interested in high end lodges. I like to feel close to the wild life. I don’t want wifi, phone signal, fridges or air con in my room. This is where Andrew came in.

Harkness safari, doesn’t have wifi or room fridges, it has drop loos and bucket showers. You eat under the stars, fabulous food cooked by Patrick, who miraculously provides you with fresh bread, breakfast buns, luxurious salads and three course meals every day, in the middle of the bush. The wine flows , the chat flows, and is only halted by the nightly visitors coming through camp.

Lions roaring, wild dogs hunting impala by the kitchen tent, hyena giggling and cackling while jogging through the camp to a kill, jackals looking for wild dog scraps. We have never seen so many honey badgers in daylight, some times in pairs, some times alone, always trotting off on their business, little stripy tanks! If you go to Botswana just for the wild life you won’t be disappointed, Andrew has a trackers eye, and a guides knowledge, and a brits sense of humour. He knows where to look so your experience is always intimate and memorable.

If like me you come for the environment, the drive from Khwai to Savute is spectacular. The long drive is broken up as the vista changing from rivers, to open plains, to desert. Moremi, Khwai and Savute are different from each other, all worth visiting. You don’t have to be adventurous for a private mobile safari, Andrew and his team will look after every little detail, but you do have to love wildlife, its everywhere and its close!

Mr K from Tonbridge