The Kalahari is a safari lover’s paradise. You share the Kalahari with virtually no-one, occasionally you may see another truck, but if you’re lucky like we were, you have a pride of 12 lions to yourself. We followed the lions for three days morning and evening, watching the adolescents play and stalk. Their curiosity in the truck means they come up to sniff the tyres and flop into the shadow of the truck for shade. It’s a photographers dream, to photograph a big black mained lion as the sun raises will change your photography expectations for ever.

You don’t see wildlife around every corner, so come for the vistas. In April, the grass is long, and shimmering gold, pink, purple and white, the wild flowers are everywhere, and regularly you will see a cheeky black backed jackal trotting through the grass. You make your way slowly from pan to pan, you come out of a corridor of grass, to an open pan, where hundreds of antelope are grazing, the grass is cropped close, there is not another human in sight. The sun is shining, the antelope may look up, snakes basking on the road slide away (best ever safari for snakes), turn the engineer off.. Paradise.

The beauty of the Kalahari was shown to us by Andrew and his team, who are wonderful, we couldn’t have done it without them. Andrew is a great guide with encyclopaedic knowledge and stories, happy to share, but equally happy to just let the view wash over you. Nothing is too much trouble, no idea for the day is too hard…..after 4 days trying we even had a brief glimpse of the elusive Brown Hyena. The distances are huge , we went on 4 all day activities, lunch is provided by the talented Patrick, and the day just rolls by, you have tea and lunch, and chat, and debate, mainly about the animal shaped logs!!

Finally, at the end of the day you are back in camp, the tent is comfortable and welcoming, the water hot and plentiful. After scrubbing up, we sat by the camp fire with our wine and beer, going over the day’s events, waiting for the miraculous food Patrick produces. You are never hungry, and always amazed at what can be produced in the middle of nowhere. If you’re lucky the resident male lion may visit the camp to check you out.

We were sad to leave and Andrew and his team. This is our 13th safari, when you get hooked you get properly hooked, and this was by far our best experience, am I allowed to give 11 out of 10.? I’d like to keep the Kalahari and Andrew and his team secret.

If you want an authentic safari experience, April in the Kalahari, with Harkness Safaris is for you. We will definitely be returning.

Mr K from Tonbridge