Totally chuffed…it doesn’t get any better than this! How does one exceed a camp crew with Rifle as your cook (chocolate mousse in the bush!), TC as the driver, and Pro and Zulu as the rest of this efficient, tight, and happy crew.

Andrew’s selection in NG 32 (with Makoros) with Waco as a guide is a fabulously subtle addition. Waco is a superlative low-key guide, and one must not ignore Lydia as the rear-view eyes in the bush. NG 32 is also especially delightful because of its isolation; you’re pretty much there with no one else.

Our next camp in the Khwai River concession, NG 19, is unforgettable as well: night stars through the mesh, elephants drifting through the camp, green spring-hare eyes at night, etc. Tragically, this is where our safari ended due to the medical emergency. Not that one wants to test it, but Andrew’s emergency response was immediate, decisive, and reassuring.

As the guide, Andrew is a low-key accomplished, competent professional, who pays attention to his environment and is responsive to the needs of his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable, knows his birds and plants, and is completely in love with his job. He is bloody fine company in the bush! We highly recommended him, and we would go back with him tomorrow. One day, we hope to finish our planned safari to Savuti et al.

Mr C & Ms B from Colorado