The mobile camp experience was great. Staying at a campsite rather than a lodge, we felt that much closer to nature, with elephants browsing on the trees right next to our tents, and just the right level of thrill during the night with hippos grunting and lions roaring nearby, while feeling safe in our campsite with the careful way the tents were organised and the guide and the team also in camp. The conditions were very comfortable, much more high-end than I had expected, but still retaining the best aspects of camping – drinks around the campfire, eating outdoors, sleeping under the stars (well, in a tent of course!).

Andrew Harkness was an excellent guide, very informative about the animals, the country and the culture, and the Batswana team that helps at the camp worked really hard to make everything as comfortable as possible.

On the safari drives Andrew was very responsive to our reactions, always stopping and turning off the motor at anything we found interesting, and able to name virtually every species of bird or animal we saw. We enjoyed his company, felt very safe in his care and learned a lot.

I recommend him and the mobile camp experience wholeheartedly.

EB from France