The Salt Pans

The Makgadikgadi Pans are a spectacular array of salt pans that fill up during the rainy season. They are the lowest points in Botswana and were once the bottom of the giant lake that covered much of Northern Botswana. When on the Pans it literally feels like you are walking on the surface of the moon! The Spectacular Zebra migration passes through the pans annually on its way to and from the Delta. In the rainy season Sowa Pan is home to the largest breeding area for Lesser Flamingo in the world.

Nxai Pan, situated to the North of Makgadikgadi is a giant fossil pan covered in low grassland. It is a particular favourite of the Springbok, Hartebeest and Gemsbok as well as Cheetah and Lion. Scattered around these ancient pans are world famous giant Baobab trees such as Baines, Greens and Chapmans - immortalised by the adventurers of those names.

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