Bushmen Safaris

The Bushmen people are the original inhabitants of the Kalahari. For that reason they are also the unrivalled masters of bushlore. Although their numbers are dwindling by the year there are still a small group of men of a certain age who are genuine hunter gatherers from pre-1980s when their people were brought into villages.

Their knowledge of hunting, tracking and fire dancing is almost mythical in its mastery. We offer you the chance to go on Safari with these last Bushmen in the far west of Botswana near the village of Xai Xai (a click in the Bushmen language).

Over a number of days the Bushmen and women of the village will come and set up a traditional camp and set about showing you everything they know about their endangered culture. From them you can glimpse something of our ancient past when we also lived in the wild.

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